Unity Financial Life Insurance Company Announces Comprehensive Rebranding

Cincinnati, OH. – February 9, 2022 – Unity Financial Life Insurance Company (“UFL”), a leading provider of Medicaid compliant insurance products, announced today it had completed a major rebranding effort.

UFL has leveraged its three business lines to position itself strategically as the leading provider of Medicaid compliant life insurance and annuity products. UFL focuses on Pre-need life insurance, life policies assigned to an Irrevocable Funeral Trust, and Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA). All three products are designed to provide consumers with “exempt” assets in the Medicaid eligibility and application process. By offering a full suite of Medicaid compliant financial products, UFL has established itself as an industry leader in this space. UFL has a new logo, a new website, new marketing materials, and an organized focus to ensure our business and brand connect rationally and emotionally with our core audience.

In making the announcement, Jay Hardy, Company President & CEO, said, “Unity Financial has grown from a regional, single-product company to a national company that leads the marketplace in Medicaid compliant products. We believe the change in our size and business profile warrant a new look and message. We are still active in all the markets we have ever served, but we have grown to serve new customers, in new ways, over the last several years.”

“Our brand and message may be changing, but our product offerings and financial strength are competitive with anyone in the industry. What sets us apart are relationships, our compliance expertise in dealing with Medicaid, and our ability to remain agile for everyone we serve. This is how we differentiate ourselves”.

UFL is domiciled in Ohio and is licensed to do business in 48 states plus the District of Columbia. The Company can be reached at www.uflife.com or by calling (877) 523.3231.